Finished Friday – Branching Out Mittens

There is a reason that I don’t feel comfortable with more than 3 knitting projects on the needles at a time. Finishing the Branching Out Mitts by Hannah Fettig reminded me of what that reason is…

wip 001


Do you see it?  The first mitten was finished a few months ago with many modifications to the pattern: I changed the mitts from knit flat to knit in the round, I also made them complete mittens instead of finger-less gloves, including the thumb. When I finished the second mitten, I got so excited to have a new pair of mittens before the fall weather arrives that I followed the pattern as written instead of checking my first mitten. The result is one complete thumb and one half thumb. I wish I could say I left one thumb open so I could use my iPhone or iPad with my mittens on, but I don’t own either of those gadgets. I just forgot what I was doing. I think I will wear them once or twice and choose which thumb treatment I prefer before I make them the same. They will never be identical anyway because my color-work tension was so wonky on the first mitten, and the increases are in different places on each mitten. If they just keep my hands warm, I will be happy!








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