Jayashri KAL Winner!

Oh, happy day! Nareyayarnmosaics has won the knitting pattern of her choice form Musings and Motion and All Night Knits. When I put the one entry that was not Rachel or me into the random number generator, that entry won. Amazing! Thank you Nareyayarnmosaics for entering and knitting along with us. Please email me at musingsandmotion@gmail.com with your Ravelry info and the knitting pattern that you would like as your prize.  Everyone else, check out her beautiful purple cast on of the Jayashri Pullover! Happy knitting.


Finished Friday – Pavot Jacket by Deer & Doe

001The lovely Pavot jacket from Deer and Doe was a joy to sew. I really took my time and finished the seams with bias tape. The only thing left to do is make button holes and install the buttons. Once it is cool enough, I will post a picture of it in the wild. This pattern is a make-again, for sure.

The Week in Motion

Last week was so busy with school and family activities that I was only able to squeeze in 16 miles.  I know that only sounds a little silly, but everything is relative. That number is down from previous weeks, so I feel the need to modify with only.  This week is a resting kind of week and with those hills that we have been running each Wednesday, my legs need it!  Here’s the plan:

Monday – yoga

Tuesday – 40 min tempo run

Wednesday – 3 -4 hilly miles with friends + strength

Thursday – 3 miles easy

Friday – easy run or rest + strength

Saturday – go to the circus and REST

Sunday – 6 miles

Happy week in motion!

Jayashri KAL Update

Well, one week into the Jayashri KAl with All Night Knits and I have already been attacked by my knitting, or bitten by my knittin’, depending on which knitting podcast parlance you prefer.  When switching from the bottom garter stitch band to the stockinette body of the sweater, I omitted the pattern stitches that give this pullover some of its sweet charm.  This error forced me to consult YouTube and finally learn how to drop down and change a knit to a purl. You can see my not so perfect results in the before and after photos.  Even though the effort was clumsy at best, it sill looks  better than the initial mistake. Yeah for learning! Yeah for YouTube! Yeah for Rachel knitting this sweater with me! Any other takers? It is not too late.

Before, with pattern started about 4 rows too late.
Before, with pattern started about 4 rows too late.


After dropping down and adding the garter stitch purl rows.
After dropping down and adding the garter stitch purl rows.


Finished Friday – Branching Out Mittens

There is a reason that I don’t feel comfortable with more than 3 knitting projects on the needles at a time. Finishing the Branching Out Mitts by Hannah Fettig reminded me of what that reason is…

wip 001


Do you see it?  The first mitten was finished a few months ago with many modifications to the pattern: I changed the mitts from knit flat to knit in the round, I also made them complete mittens instead of finger-less gloves, including the thumb. When I finished the second mitten, I got so excited to have a new pair of mittens before the fall weather arrives that I followed the pattern as written instead of checking my first mitten. The result is one complete thumb and one half thumb. I wish I could say I left one thumb open so I could use my iPhone or iPad with my mittens on, but I don’t own either of those gadgets. I just forgot what I was doing. I think I will wear them once or twice and choose which thumb treatment I prefer before I make them the same. They will never be identical anyway because my color-work tension was so wonky on the first mitten, and the increases are in different places on each mitten. If they just keep my hands warm, I will be happy!







Work in Progress Wednesday – Pavot Jacket

Slow progress is being made on the Pavot jacket by Deer and Doe.  The fabric is a cotton twill from a big box fabric store.  Since this jacket is unlined, I am finishing all of the inside seams with cotton/poly bias tape. I already plan to cut about 1 inch of the bottom of the bodice and cut some width out of the back for my next version.  The Deer and Doe patterns that I have tried have really inspired me with visions of variations and experiments for the future. I am dreaming of a gray flannel Pavot, a short brown corduroy Pavot, and a long, plaid Pavot with sequins on the bottom inspired by Louis Vuitton.

wip 008

The Week in Motion

Last week was a step-down week for me, so less running and more resting. The mileage total was only 15, but there were quality strength training sessions in the mornings before work.  Here is the plan for this week:

Monday – rest

Tuesday – 3 miles easy + strength

Wednesday – 5 miles of hills with friends

Thursday – 9 x 400 m + strength

Friday – Yoga + strength

Saturday – 5 miles easy

Sunday – 9 miles easy

Have a great week in motion.

Jayashri KAL Begins Today!

wip 003Knitters, start your cast-ons. Today begins the Jayashri KAL hosted by Musings and Motion and All Night Knits. Comment below with a link to your pic of your cast on row for a chance to win a pattern from your Ravelry queue. This week I hope to finish the bottom band and get to the stockinette portion of the body. I have a few other projects going, so it will be slow and steady progress on the lovely Jayashri pullover. Happy knitting!