Thankful Thursday – Knitting and Sewing Podcasts

Many years ago, before the invention of the iPod, I used to clean house while listening to books on tape from the library with my Walkman.  I love the spoken word, I love a story, I love to hear someone talk about something they are passionate about.  When I first bought my little iPod shuffle so that I could listen to music during my runs (my Discman was skipping too badly) I had no idea that there were FREE sources of  information, stories, and literature available for download. I was in heaven!

Today I am thankful for some of my favorite knitting and sewing podcasts. During long lonely car trips, long solo runs, and sleepless nights, these podcasters are there. They teach, they entertain, they persuade, they inspire, they comfort. Here are some of my favorites.

The Knitmoregirls – A multigenerational knitting production

CraftLit – crafty talk + classic lit + Heather Ordover’s wonderful voice

Knitcircus – Knitting talk

Never Not Knitting – Alana Dakos, knitwear designer

Twinneedle – Maria Denmark and Tini talk about kitting and sewing in Denmark and Germany

Twin Set Designs – Ellen and Jan talk about knitting, spinning, designing, and life

Enchanted by Sewing – Laurel talks about her sewing

Have I missed any treasures?  Please let me know in the comments, I am always looking for a new podcast.


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