The Week in Motion – Step Down Week

Last week was a step down week in my running training. When you are trying to get better, faster, stronger your body needs some time to rest and let the training adaptations happens. This is where an ‘easy’ week comes in. You are still running, lifting, swimming, etc. just at a lower volume so that your muscles can recover. This is when your improvements happen, after you rest.  I took an unexpected day off Sunday and Monday when our air conditioner went out, but it is all fixed now and the training continues…

Tuesday – 35 min Tempo run

Wednesday – 3 miles + strength training

Thursday – 3.5 miles + yoga

Friday – REST

Saturday – 3 miles + strength training

Sunday – 7 miles

Before my air conditioner went out Sunday, I cheered my sister on as she completed the River Cities Triathlon. She did a great job in her first open water swim. I have completed this race twice before and it is TOO HOT for me, but she did get me excited about doing some spring triathlons with her next year. Cheering Section!

I was able to finish my Kirsten Kimono Tee by Maria Denmark (with seam allowances!) and wore it to the race.  Photography by 9 year old boy is not ideal, but you get the gist.  Happy week in motion!

wip 007


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